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The models of positive parenthood: system perspective


Author analyses the changes of parenting conception and models in changing society context, using system perspective. Parenting could be described as biological - social function, special activity and process. In nowadays context, parenting is described as specific purposeful activity and process for children safety and welfare. Taking in to consideration parents' responsibility and communication with children mode, parenting activity could be described as active authoritarian or interfering, active – nurturing and passive – permissive or overindulgent. The consistent and inconsistent parenting process describes, using criteria of appropriate discipline, rules and limits for children, purposeful punishments. Parenting always related with micro, mezzo and macro system. Micro factors are maturity of parents' personality, family cohesion and family flexibility. Mezzo factors – strong community relations, good neighborhood. Macro factors are economy situation, positive promoting parenthood laws. For positive parenting need knowledge and skills education. The positive parenting could be described as purposeful active, nurturing consistent activity for children need welfare and education as free, creative and mature person. Positive parenting program is meaningful aspect of family assistance and could be constructed as continuity process taking in to consideration family problems and needs.


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