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Peculiarities of grandchildren value system in relation to communication with their grandparents: qualitative analysis


The article analyzes the grandchildren's values through interaction with their grandparent's experience, focusing on communication between generations. Developmental psychologists argue that socially and psychologically safe family environment is the basis for personal development (South, Krueger, Johnson, Iacono, 2008). In Lithuania, studies on
peculiarities of grandparents' and grandchildren' relationship are very rare, therefore, we focused on grandchildren, who are approaching adulthood and communication experience with their grandparents might affect the value system of grandchildren. The aim of the study was to highlight grandchildren's values, which are revealed through communicating with grandparents. The qualitative study involved twelve 11–12 form students who were interviewed by the authors using a semi-structured interview. Grandchildren's values were analyzed according to M. Rokeach (1973) values system and within generation solidarity model. Content analysis demonstrated that grandchildren, through communication with their grandparents, had gained broad experience and rich system of values. These values include associational solidarity (telling the truth, honesty, openness, honesty, trust, sociability,
gaiety), consensual solidarity (wisdom, freedom of compliance), normative solidarity (psychological and physical well-being, spiritual peace, work, education, life goals, diligence, responsibility), functional solidarity (help, advice, care, kindness, caring for other people's well-being) ir affectual solidarity (family, love, respect, understanding, support, persistence). In the future research it is advisable to study representatives of other generations (parents, grandparents) in order to expand the knowledge of value transition between them.
Keywords: grandparenting, values, value system, grandchildren.


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