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Children and youth who suffer social exclusion: looking for acceptable social decision of their successful integration to society


This article aims to look deeper into the reasons and problems of youth's social integration and to find acceptable solutions of these problems. The target group is youth who is suffering social exclusion. The biggest contribution of this article is practical: students proposed activities and problem-solving techniques that had helped them to feel important, needed, responsible and able to find the necessary ways to address their daily concerns. The participatory action research was chosen seeking to identify problems and acceptable solutions. This research involved youth who is suffering social exclusion – those who attend Youth school. This study involved students in the process of searching for an answer what to do in order to improve communication, to create a safer environment and develop ways of more successful social integration to society. The research is useful for community where young people are dealing with social problems. Moreover, this research is useful for other schools and organizations which provide non-formal education and which seek to increase youth social integration to society. The study revealed that it is necessary to consider issues concerning youth who is suffering social exclusion as different interest group's suggestions and allow them to act freely and independently, as it is necessary for self-perception. The pursuit of social integration's aims is important process too.
Keywords: Participatory action research, social exclusion, biography, social identification.


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