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Volunteer work in social work studies


Voluntary work takes very important place in answering personal and social needs. Voluntary work gives opportunity for social work students to become acquainted within profession, to get skills, develop personality.
Volunteer participates in solving community’s problems as well as in self – help process. Today different groups are working in this manner. Older persons share knowledge and time while school children and youth expect getting experience, skills or to take time for choosing profession.
Methods: literature analysis, students’ inquiry and data analysis bachelor degree paper’s analysis. Conclusions: volunteer work can be as a form of employment characterized by personal motivation, free will obligation as well as by giving possibilities for personality development.
Volunteer work during social work studies allows testing a choice of profession and deepening understanding of social work as such. It widens personal knowledge as well as individualizes learning process. Usually volunteer work is understood as unpaid aid for persons in need. On the other side people can keep it as waste of time. However, the main motive for working voluntary is desire to help others.


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