Social work

experience and methods

Requirements for the articles

Please submit your articles before 1st of February or before 1st of September.

Ethical. Articles analyzing empowerment, social problem solutions, possibilities and good practices are accepted. Articles which put strong emphasis on problems, attach great importance to them, have features of discrimination towards any group of people will be rejected.

Language. Articles have to be written in correct language. It is desirable that the language of the article is reviewed by the language editor.

Approval and quality. Articles will be reviewed by social work academicians or practitioners. Article evaluation is based on several essential criteria: is analysis urgent for social work practice, is it relevant, are the ways and methods of the problem solution analyzed, is the article original and authentic, are ethical requirements followed, is the appropriate professional language used.

Technical. Size of the article should be up to 6000 words, annotation of the article – up to 50 words, summary – 250-300 words.

Structure. Structure of the article is following: annotation, introduction, analysis, conclusions, recommendations, references, summary, and information about the author (name and surname, workplace, position, address, phone number, e-mail address).

Reference Style: APA (American Psychological Association),


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