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Interaction between social worker and client in helping process: “to steal a way into client’s heart is the foremost”


Social worker and client interaction in the process of help is important part of social work intervention. The article discusses, how mental health social workers describes the interaction between social worker and client in the helping process. The stydy revealed, that the stationary mental health social workers described client and social worker interaction as support realationship building, working together, providing information to client. The purpose of research is to describe, how social workers, who working in the stationary mental health institution describes the interaction between social worker and client in the helping process. Eight persons participated in the research. Type of the research is qualitative. The instrument of data collection – semi-structured interview. The participats of research was social workers who are working in stationaty mental health institutions. Mental health social workers reflected professional experiences described making difference throught social worker – client interaction in the helping process. In the analysis of data excluded the category support relationship building, which revealed the attitude of social workers, wich based on care, responsibility, acceptance, goodwill, non judgmental attitude. The catecory of working together excluded the caterory of social worker and client wich is consciously iniciated a social worker. This strategy provide maximum of client participation in process of helping, increasing self support and improve the skills of social functioning. The interaction between social worker and client, which based on together working, revealed the role of social worker as broker and advocate. Data analysis revealed three each other complementary interventions – information providing, consulting and diversion. Between those three interventions mostly dominated information providing. Combining those three intervention strategies client provide power, autonomy and freedom of self – determination too. However, the dominance of information providing to client releaved insufficient of consulting strategy understanding in the action of social worker.


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