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Documentary film as a tool for social work – the experience of social worker


In the article, I present, on the basis of my own experiences, how a documentary film could be used in the field of social work. A documentary film as a medium gets wider audience. It reaches, not only the client of the social welfare and its milieu, but also society which he lives in. It is not easy to introduce changes in the area of mental health and in the life of persons with psychosocial disability if no social transformation on thinking about this problem is observed. If we, persons without disability, will continue to believe that the ill persons are dangerous and aggressive, even the most excellent modification in this field will not lead to important changes in their lives. They will continue to be excluded and not welcome in the company of “normals”. Concerning this, the activities of the social workers should be focused on the changes of social awareness, imaginations and stereotypes. Based on my own experiences in the article it is shown how social workers could change social awareness using a documentary film.
Keywords: Documentary Film, Psychosocial Disability, Attitudes, Media.


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