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The Problems of the Notion of Welfare State and Its Measurements


The article seeks to cover modern issues of the notion of the welfare state and to review its measurement methods. Although the authors emphasize the importance of the historical development of the welfare state and the importance of the succession of some things, they note the longevity and validity of the concept of the welfare state for the future and for modeling the future of its phenomena or scenarios. In the article, the authors present contemporary issues of the notion of the welfare state, while trying to ana­lyze the more common ways of measuring welfare states. The article pays close attention to the failed concepts to describe the welfare state, while substantiating those terms that the authors believe are appropriate to use. The article is of the analytical review type, characterized by descriptive and comparative methods, and its aim is to reveal the notion of the welfare state in modern conditions and to present those quantitative methods and cha­racteristics without which the analysis of welfare states is impossible. The article is intended for readers who are already somewhat prepared and acquainted with the literature researching the welfare state, and for those specialists who want to look at the issues of welfare state research with a bold and innovative look.

Keywords: welfare state, notion, concept, measurements.


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