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Phenomenon of school violence. An adolescent experience in focus goup


The article deals with a phenomenon of school violence problem. The violence produces many negative alterations for pcychosocial progress of participants, damages general atmosphere in school and relationship between teacher–pupil or among pupils. Negative teachers' treatment of schoolchildren, inapproropriatie reaction to violence accident are the factors that influence the violence. The prevencion implement must be proceeded to normalize the situation.
The research „Adolescent opinion of violence among peers at school" was accomplished on purpose to analize the real school violence situation. Pupils opinion of school violence is the theme of the research. The purpose – to ascertain adolescents' opinion of school violence among peers. There were 12 schoolchildren of VIII-X form who participate in this research. In this qualitative research data was collected during focus groups. A movie „Bang bang, you're dead" was demonstrated to children, after this it was discussed includeing schoolchildrens' experience at school. The research revealed that school violence includes wide spectrum of negative factors, which must to be eliminate for warranting safety and suitable environment for learning and intercourse. The biggest problem is teachers' passivity and disregard of violent situations. Children are not interacting whit teachers of the school because there is a lack of information about extended facilities.
With reference to adolescent experience and literature offers there are proposed recommendations for conditioning the situation at school. There are teachers' refresher courses, organized sessions for teachers and schoolchildren, communicative skills implementation, films reviews and dramatics.


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