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Support for family when child is in average care


The main goal of average child care means is to resocialize a child. One of the key elements which is essential for successful resocialization is close cooperation between support providers and the nearest child’s environment – family. The aim of the article is to find out point of view of professionals at socialization centres (closed institutions) about social, psychological, educational support for family during the implementation of average child care. 22 professionals were interviewed at every socialization centre. During content analysis six categories have been revealed and are presented in the article: creation of family like environment in the Centre, child’s preparation for return to family, involvement of parents in child’s resocialization process, sociopsychological support for parents while child is in average care, situation in the family for assignment of average child care, reasons of child’s re-enter.
Generalized research data show that the lack of coordination working with a family in community and with a child in institution is one of the most important factors which influence big children re-enter rate. Cooperation with the families is limited to the providing parents with information about the daily routine in the institution. On the other hand, professionals emphasize parents’ reluctance toward cooperation.


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