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Possibilities of the rehabilitation process for victims of women trafficking in the aspect of inner and outer factors


Possibilities of the rehabilitation process of women who are in the slavery of people trafficking, and peculiarities of the expression are analysed in the article. The aim of the article is to reveal the peculiarities of this process, inner and outer factors which may influence success of rehabilitation and highlight the difficulties. The aim of the research performed is to reveal the peculiarities of the rehabilitation process for victims of women trafficking. The object of the research is the rehabilitation process for victims of women trafficking (in the inner and outer aspect). The hypothesis of the research - it is believed that success of rehabilitation for victims of women trafficking depends on inner (values, motivation, control of the situation) and outer resources (share of information, services and socioeducational help). Presenting results of the research, a qualitative research is being rendered, in which the attitude of the rehabilitation process participants is analysed evaluating the development of that process.
Nowadays it is more and more widely spoken in a modern society about a quickly floating negative phenomenon - women trafficking in Lithuania and on the international level. Women of different age become victims in people trafficking, the extent of people trafficking is increasing and it becomes an international problem (Pochagina, 2007; Kovalev, 2007). Women trafficking and engaging in prostitution has inevitably disastrous influence on physical and psychical health of women and girls (Navaitis, 2004; O‘Connor, Healy, 2006). Many researches have been performed in the recent decade in order to find out the efficiency of rendered services for victims of people trafficking and prostitution (Sipavicien, 2004), rehabilitation and reintegration aspects for victims of prostitution and people trafficking are researched and analysed, institutions which provide various help are supervised, their activities and principles of help are examined (Ruškus, Mažeikien, Blinstrubas, Balciunas, 2005, Karmaza ir kt., 2005). The analysis and development of the rehabilitation process of women trafficking become more important. Why is the rehabilitation process of people trafficking and victims so special? What factors could influence its success? What is important for victims of women trafficking: their own values, a wish to alter, to control the situation, an ability to represent herself or existance of the social services and the net of help, spread of information, etc? These questions could make a problematic sphere in the article.
The analysis of the research data show that values, a wish to alter and control her social situation could be important in the rehabilitation process for victims of women trafficking as well as the share of social help and information on that topic.


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