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Social work practice in university studies


The article presents social work field practice as a complex and complicated process, which takes into account the novelty of the social work as a profession, and numerous actors in this process. Thus the task which falls onto educators of social workers is very complicated, as they support the student in this process, that is, the task is to organize the learning process which develops conditions for self-education of professional social worker who is able to act in individual critical situations by integrating practical and theoretical knowledge. During field practice the student is learning through memorizing theoretical knowledge, performing practical tasks, and reflecting gained and professional experience. The stages of professional development are discussed, as they create specific requirements for the process of field practice and anticipate guidelines for the practice teacher. The context of social work profession is not just static, but permanently interchanging. So, the professional activities should be reflected, discussed, and changed models of behavior and professional experience should be accumulated. The process of professional development creates certain process for field placement. Article emphasizes group supervision as a method, which should lead student in the learning process and integration of theoretical and practical knowledge.


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