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Partnership in educating social workers: experience of interdisciplinary team in the department of mental health


Assumptions for teamwork established via social partnership are discussed in the article. Also, an expression of teamwork in practice is analyzed as essential condition in order to assure possibility for social work students' field placement in the organizations of health care. The attitude that social partnership and interdisciplinary collaboration are related mutually is highlighted.
The importance of interdisciplinary teamwork is based on complexity of mental health sphere. That's why social workers in mental health care always work .in the interdisciplinary team. However, some contradictions between theoretical realization of teamwork and practical expression exists, possibly because the psychosocial model of health care is not seen as equal in comparison with medical one. Those contradictions directly make influence on social work students' field placement.
It is likely that there we could face with different realizations about student's field placements. What is students' field placement? What are roles of both: mentor and agency during student's field placement? The actuality of these questions highlighted research completed in 2007 which data revealed obstacles fro collaboration as well as arguable issues. In order to answer earlier mentioned questions it was seek to emphasize the improvement of social work studies possibilities on the ground of the analysis of social partnership assumption in high school and the research of the expression of teamwork in mental health care department.
In the article factors of collaboration and social partnership in high school were discussed. The team was characterized as a structure which could be changed in order to improve it. As well, revealed contradictions encourage findings how to improve interdisciplinary teamwork.
The analysis of scientific literature and documents, generalization of research data and interpretative methods were used while preparing this article.


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