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Experiences of temporary foster-parents while interacting with parents of the child in care


The foster-parents accentuate that they do not pay much attention to interactions with the parents of the child in care and they try to avoid the meetings with biological parents of the child. Functions of the foster-parents in interaction with the biological parents of the child in care are not regulated. So, it is not clear, how should follow such interaction and communication and what kind of influence this interaction could make to the care process of the child. Factors that determine the successful interaction between foster-parents and biological parents of the child in care are the following: empathy, tolerance, harmony of interaction, persistence, patience, motivation, quality of communication, reciprocal trust and competencies (social, educational and personal) as features of the foster-parents. The permanence of interaction between the fosterparents and biological parents of cared child after the completion of the fostering period also is important and consists of the initiatives of foster-parents and the help to re-establish the relationships between the cared child and his / her parents. In this process the foster-parents counsel the biological parents with the questions about the raising and educating the child. The limits of interaction between foster-parents and biological parents of the child in care are the following: the foster-parents experience the difficulties when biological parents behave aggressively, lie, blackmails, slanders the foster-parents. The foster-parents experienced the anger of biological parents of the child, which is directed to foster-parents of their personal family members. When biological parents experience the loss of the child they feel the fear to lapse the child. The feeling of a shame among biological parents could be one of the reasons why those parents avoid the meetings with the foster-parents.


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