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Social work with families at risk: critical reflection of clients and social workers experience


The economization of social services and increasing number of the social services receivers determine the direction of the research and the question of it. Performing this research the author tried to find out how the participants of social service system reflect the process of social service provision and recipience. The object of the research is critically reflected and perceived experience of the participants of social service system that is of social workers and families at risk. The purpose of the research is to reveal the experience of social services provision and recipience, which is critically reflected and perceived by social workers and clients. The objectives of the research are: 1) to reveal how participants of social services perceive the involvement of client into social service system; 2) to reveal how the participants of the social service system perceive the complexion of social work services; 3) to define the development of social services guidelines from the perspective of social workers and families at risk. A participatory action research has been carried out in order to disclose the clients' and social workers' critically reflected and perceived experience. The background of the research methodology is based on interpretative-constructivist ontology and subjectivist epistemology. Five social workers and five families at risk took part in the research. The data of the research was analyzed according to the case study analysis method, constructing conceptual categories and using theme analysis. Data analysis revealed that social workers and families at risk reflect different reasons for client's involvement into social service system. The families at risk emphasized structural-environmental and financial reasons. However, the social workers emphasized the weaknesses of the families at risk and expressed lack of confidence in the resources of clients' environment. Clients perceive social services provision through understanding the roles and functions of social workers.


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