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Reconstructed life and help narratives of prostitution victims


Prostitution has existed since ancient times and even nowadays women are abused disregarding their human rights. According to radical feminism the main reason why prostitution exists is a demand for prostitution. Men, who think they have the right to buy woman, develop demand and demand causes supply. That is the way how prostituted women come into being. Society then superficially tends to judge these women like prostitution helps these women to earn huge money and women like to be a part of prostitution. Society understands prostituted women as not having morality and pushes them into deprivation. For this reason the goal of article is to reveal experiences of women that are victims of prostitution, according to their life stories and develop peculiarities of support. To achieve this goal a qualitative narrative research is chosen as a way to find coherent narratives, which are typical not only for the narrator but also reflects the collective experience.
A research revealed that before entering prostitution women were socially vulnerable. Entrance into prostitution was mostly influenced by a common person from their environment, who by using the trust, persuasion, threats or pressure involved these women in prostitution. Woman in prostitution does not have any rights and she is forced to submit. She experiences constant humiliation, psychological and physical violence. Women do not tend to trust and accept help, and that is why one of the conclusions of the study is that women need specialized professional team help due to their traumatic experiences.


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