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Construction of the Selection of Human Resource Strategies by Managers of Social Nongovernmental Organizations


The role of NGOs has increased in the social sphere of Lithuania. Since the welfare state seeks to ensure the welfare of the citizens, it shares functions with NGOs. Human resource management in social NGOs is an important topic for social work, because those working and managing this NGO sector are often social workers. Therefore, it is important to
understand how managers of social NGOs understand the management of human resources as they form expectations for future colleagues.
The purpose of this article is to discuss the strategies for socialization of human resources in social non-governmental organizations. The results of a qualitative phenomenological study are presented. The study participants included 5 leaders of social NGOs that provided social work services. The data was collected using semi-structured interviews. For data
examination, thematic analysis was applied. When discussing employee selection, the study participants primarily highlight the importance of education. The professional competences of the employees are the factor that determines whether the social services provided by social NGOs meet the quality expectations of both the manager and the entity purchasing
the service. The study participants give considerable importance to the employee’s motivation and values during the selection process. It is also necessary to consider the fact that the head of the organizations dependent on the project funds believes that it is not always possible to provide the employee with the appropriate financial reward for the efforts made to accomplish the mission of the organization.
Keywords: NGOs, managers, social work, socialization of employees.


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