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The transfero of the tacit knowledge in the process of social work raining practice


The paper aims to reveal the significance of tacit knowledge in the process of training practice of social workers by defining the concepts of the implicit and tacit knowledge and reviewing questions, which arise while teaching social workers practical activities. Social worker operates in uncertain constantly changing situation, when success depends on the client himself/herself and on various external circumstances. While training social workers or developing the skills for those who are already working dilemma or practical problem arises as theoretical social work knowledge comparing to knowledge acquired during practice often seem to be distant, foreign and unrecognizable and both who learn and who work find difficult to relate them. The educators of social workers must answer many HOW?: be able purposely recognize and be able to control the encounter of theory and practice in the social work practice; be able interpret and creatively apply abstract theory – theoretical knowledge in atypical constantly changing situations; reflect practical activity; act professionally and deliberately – know the activities, obtain competencies and identify knowledge used in practice; use and manage not only theoretical but also tacit knowledge. Explicit and tacit knowledge are important in the practical activity training process as in order to know how to act theoretical know how knowledge is required. In the higher education school lectors and tutors deliver explicit – declarative or theoretical knowledge for the future social workers. The practice supervisor – mentor is responsible for delivering tacit – procedural knowledge related to practical activity. Tacit knowledge in the university is also delivered during practicum, group seminars and individual consultations with tutor.
In order to develop professional language, it is important to understand various categories of knowledge and how they are related. The activity of the higher education school is integral part of knowledge creation and management.


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