Social work

experience and methods

„Social work: experience and methods“ 2011 Nr.8 (2)

No cover Virtuous social work and critical thinking
No cover Victims of human trafficking (re-)integration into the labour market in the context of the european union member states
No cover Proffessionality of social workers in an aspect of communicative perspective
No cover Social workers’ moral dilemmas working with outreached clients: international qualitative research
No cover Qualitative research in the penitentiary: convicts’ perspective
No cover Effective method of promoting social and emotional competences in kindergarten using preventive  program „lubo from outer space”
No cover Social partnership based on collaboration: theoretical assumptions for student’s practice organization
No cover The transfero of the tacit knowledge in the process of social work  raining practice
No cover The assumptions of systematic content of the social work field placement
No cover International social work practice in united kingdom
No cover The role and function of managers leading social work practice  students
No cover Peculiarities of interaction between social work  students – volunteers and agency
No cover Organizations in social work field practice as open and learning organization
No cover Cooperation in student‘s field practice organization: students‘ experience


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