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International social work practice in united kingdom


The experience gained during organizing international social work practice reveal that international practice is one of the ways to improve social work education quality. International social work practice associated with new opportunities and methods, which expressly enhance students' skills, competencies as professional social worker. Emancipatory services for the disabled people in the United Kingdom help to the clients become more self-confident. Social services must be explained and created by social workers using understanding that disabled people are citizens with their opinion, experiences and ability to make their own decisions. The main pillars of emancipatory services are: citizenship, self-assessment, self-management and participation. Organization Bromley Mytime by being active and inclusive use a real benefit method for people's with disabilities. International experience could become a new method for the development of social services in Lithuania, or simply could born new project that will be adapt in a particular city. During international social work practice I revealed for myself, that people with disabilities have strong rituals and are warm, open and caring. Before moving to the international social work practice in the United Kingdom I as a social work recognized that I am not able to work with disabled people. I felt fear and distrust of my self-confident. Departure for me as a social worker has helped not only to gain international social work experience, but helped to overcome the personal fears, and stereotypes, as well as to see and feel an international social work practice in the United Kingdom.


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