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In this article author introduces supervision concept and discusses the relationship between supervision and coaching. Supervision could be defined as counseling of professional practice. This form of counseling is multidimensional. In supervision attention is focused on work situations, structural and institutional assumptions of these situations and on human interactions which are caused by these situations. Issues of human interactions are studied in dynamics of relations using process of self reflection. Profession dynamics analyzes internal and external conflicts of professional relationships between a person and professional role in work field. Supervision helps to perceive multidimensionality of professional role and to play it consciously. Organization dynamics analyzes how different functions are connected with each other, in which frame (organization's norms, roles, and arrangement) this takes place, and how workers with various responsibilities and competences are helpful to each other. In field dynamics these issues are raised: which services and goods recipients' systems have decisive influence on organization? How to develop relationships that at the same time quality is assured which orientates to target needs and to save and highlight organization's profile? How this dynamics affects people who work in organization?
There are various meanings of coaching concept. Usually it means workers or director counseling or guidance process when particular issued are faced. This kind of counseling which has significant influence requests independent counselor and also defines director's management method – "director as coacher". Coaching is one of counseling techniques which is one of supervisor's competence forms. Coaching orientates on problems solution, plans and changes actions which are used. Coaching puts aside biographical, historical aspects of person who raises questions.


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