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Towards modernity in supervision


The aim of article is to discuss the concept of modern supervision. This discussion is introduced with respect to historical context of country in which supervision is proceeded. The author raises a question – does supervision, understanding, reasoning and conflict, toleration of frustration, emancipation and self-realization, leadership have the same meaning in different contexts. Is it that supervisors understand these concepts in the same way as in Lithuania as in Germany? Author stresses challenges which arise from multicultural practice when supervision formed by West European context is implemented in Lithuania and presents discussion towards modern supervision in Germany. Supervisor in modernity acts as an architect of the respective setting, also he/she broadens the understanding of consultancy. Intuition and permanent reflexivity is expected from supervisor. In the article essential canon of supervision and responsibility for organization are discussed. Insurance of equilibrium between organization and profession is emphasized because in modern time organizational and primary economical necessity defines conditions and resources, while specialists become more and more dependent on that. The concept of permanent supervisor in organization is introduced as a creator of additional value of service's result and relationships. These and some other concepts are discussed with an illustration of one actual case form supervision practice. Finally, author concludes that consultancy as art isn't the tool to change a world, but it is a trial to live therein.


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