Social work

experience and methods

Team supervision with professionals working in social care and treatment institutions


The demand for team supervision becomes more and more relevant in various organisations: medical clinics, psychiatric clinics, and agencies for consultancy, residential institutions, imprisonment settings, and probation agencies, agencies that provide education and social services, non profit organizations. Team supervision or supervision for team becomes concurrent part of reflection process in institution. Team supervision is a new area for consultancy and systematic interest about team supervision assumptions and methods is in the process. The aim of the article is to present team supervision as a new but popular form of supervision committed to development of professional competence. A team is considered as consisted from representatives of various professions. The differences between group supervision or supervision for groups and team supervision and similarities of last one with organizational development are discussed. The most popular forms, methods and settings of team supervision are represented. The author represents stages of one team supervision session as guide for actual practice. Different types of team supervision are considered, interventions focused to making structures in team work are presented. Finally, common difficulties and phenomena of resistance in team supervision process are introduced.


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