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Supervision in social work: support providing collaboration


This article analyses the problem of the complexity of social work as the profession, actualises the situation of supportive collaboration in the process of dynamic social work. The perspective of supportive collaboration and learning from personal experience as the condition for development of social work is outlined, possibility of application of supervision (professional relation consulting) to the development of social work theory and practice is analysed. Development of supervision and actualisation of institutional cooperation idea in social work practice is discussed in the article. Social work is a complex sphere comprising in itself a complex character of problems. Impact of supportive collaboration on organisation culture determining confidence among clients, employees and authorities highlights the theme of management and cognition of professional roles and rationalisation of their difference. Regularities of organisational behaviour and experiential learning allow maintaining that more attention focused on the development of supervision resources results both into better relations among colleagues, employees and authorities. Interpretation of date analyses encourage to ask what attitudes towards support and assistance are dominating in organisations – the demand for supervisor's empowering assistance increases subject to education, but is expressed more vague than the demand for empowering assistance from family side.


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