Social work

experience and methods

„Social work: experience and methods“ 2008 Nr.2 (2)

No cover Power relations between victims of women trafficking and physicians: the role of a social worker
No cover The analysis of men’s experience of women violence
No cover Social network of girls suffering from anorexia nervosa
No cover Social worker’s and client’s relationship in the nongovernmental organization providing the social support to the individuals returning from the imprisonment institutions
No cover Theoretical and practical aspects of social work with families
No cover The possibility of preserving the family: decision making within context of power relationship
No cover Experiences of temporary foster-parents while interacting with parents of the child in care
No cover Children‘s hiperactivity: parents‘ experience and support
No cover The development of social participation in children‘s daycare centers
No cover Analysis of social servises‘ managers‘ skills
No cover Disabled students’ counselling center – precondicition of equal opportunities
No cover Team work in mental health center, realizing weight control program


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