Social work

experience and methods

„Social work: experience and methods“ 2013 Nr.11 (1)

„Social work: experience and methods“ 2013 Nr.11 (1)




No cover Education and Formation for acting in the Field of Social Work – the Socio-Pedagogical point of View
No cover Education for Social Action: Example of Bachelor Degree Studies in the Area of Social Pedagogy
No cover  Radical Social Work in the Education of Students of Social Pedagogy: the Concept of “Educational Space” that Encourages the Questioning of the‘Takenfor Granted’
No cover  Disability and Social Work. One Featureand Three Positions
No cover Factors impeding family policy formation
No cover Prevention entionention of early withdrawal of the romany children from schools: connecting education and social policy measures
No cover Reconstructed life and help narratives of prostitution victims
No cover The need for the dialogue and experience in the development of social services for the non-governmental organization
No cover Sense of coherenceand self-esteem characteristics of the convicted who used and those who have never been on the self-harm behaviour
No cover Hope in the perspective of theological essentialism and social constructionism: convicts experiences of hope in the context of christian conversion


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