Social work

experience and methods

„Social work: experience and methods“ 2012 Nr.10 (2)

No cover How can social workers improve the developmental opportunities of children in families with substantial liabilities?
No cover The effect of disability on families: analysis of the subjective experience of brothers and/or sisters
No cover Should a teenager know about his/her terminal illness? Parents’ experiences and attitudes
No cover Support for family when child is in average care
No cover Becoming a social risk family: a woman’s perspective
No cover Emotional expression of motherhood’s refusal: critical reflection of mothers’ experience
No cover Art therapy approach practice with social risk families: student’s experience
No cover The effectiveness of legal family’s creation concept, benefits and privileges
No cover Empowerment of single mothers through biographical narrative in feminist social work
No cover Conceptualization of empowering social services in family social work
No cover Assumptions of successful aging: analysis of elder adults experiences


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