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„Social work: experience and methods“ 2012 Nr.9 (1)

Nėra viršelio Biographical interviews and empowerment, from research to training in the field of social work
Nėra viršelio Empowermentby doing biographical work and through biographical research
Nėra viršelio Participative research in a school system: parents-professionals co-construction of knowledge
Nėra viršelio Construction of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ motherhood during the study of critical reflection on experiences of social work with families at social risk
Nėra viršelio Professional relations in the social work going on in long-lasting (sustainable) relations
Nėra viršelio “Empowered” homeless – the socially included homeless in the light of an analysis from the interactional perspective
Nėra viršelio Knowledge of biographical experiences of the mentally ill and the quality of empowerment
Nėra viršelio For better understanding and a better accompaniment of the teenagers pregnancies in guadeloupe
Nėra viršelio Empowerment or power in social work towards the mentally ill persons?
Nėra viršelio Research into social work in france : a collaborative initiative considered against referentials of competence an example : a study of scrap dealers in the ile-de-france region


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